Google Lens App by Google: What is Google Lens & How Do you Use it?


Google Lens is a Next Generation AI-Powered Interface, AI Vision-Based Computing Capabilities that allows your Smartphone to understand what’s going on in a Photo, Video or Live Feed. For instance, point your phone at a flower and it will tell you, on the screen, which type of flower it is; or, aim the camera at a Restaurant Sign to see Reviews and other Information Pop Up.

The New AI System is heading to Googles Photos and Assistant.

Now Google announced a new technology called Google Lens. Till then we can experience virtual reality only through computers. But, the idea of the app is that everyone should experience virtual reality in their smartphones. What exactly virtual reality means we can experience the things that don’t really exist, through VR we can experience the different and imaginary world. Virtual reality will engage both your body and your mind.

What exactly Virtual Reality means we can Experience the things that don’t really Exist, through VR we can Experience the Different and Imaginary World. Virtual reality will Engage both your Body and your Mind.

It is a Set of Vision based Computing Capabilities that can understand what you’re Looking at. Previously Google has launched Google Goggles; it was an Image Recognition Mobile App. Now with major changes and Advanced Technology Google has introduced Google Lens


Google is the Most Used Search Engine on w.w.w, handling more than Three Billion Searches Per Day. Google has moved Increasingly into Hardware, from 2010 to 2014. On October 2016, it Released Google Pixel Smartphone which stood at top position among all Smartphones Released in that year. It received Positive Reviews from many Critics. Today Google has turned into so much more than just a Search Engine.

Today Google has Turned into so much more than just a Search Engine.


Google Lens works as a Barcode / QR Code Scanner.

You can Use Google Lens to Scan Things. For example, if you scan a WI-FI barcode, the app will automatically connect to the WI-FI source. Like this, we can scan anything and know about that by using Google can also Recognize famous Landmarks.

Google Company didn’t Announce when Google Lens would be Available, only saying that it’s Arriving “Soon.”

The Integration of Google Lens into Google Assistant can also help with Better Translations.

In Addition, Google Showcased How Google’s Algorithms could more Generally Clean Up and Enhance Photos. In Case, If you Take a Photo in a Low-Light Condition, Google could Automatically Enhance the Photo to make it less Pixelated and Blurry.

Google Len’s App Preview by Google

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