Get Paid Apps for Free from Google Play Store for a Limited Time

Get Paid Apps From Google Play for Free For a Limited Time Period:

Here is the ” Freebie of the Day “. We all Love Apps. We all Love Free Apps (Social, Entertainment, etc…). Many of us Love Paid Apps being given away for free. But we don’t like pirates and we don’t like stealing. There are Plenty of Legal Ways to Get Paid Apps for free on Android – including the Play Store – and we’re going to share a few with you. Follow all the Steps Provided here on Loot N Deal and Download Android Paid Apps for free. Here’s our Guide on How to get free Paid Android Apps for free in Detail.

Google is Offering Premium Apps for Free Specifically for a Limited Time. Get Premium Paid Apps like Clipboard Pro, Auto Optimizer, Screenshot Pro, Blue Light Filter Pro, Call Recorder Pro, Clipboard Pro, Voice Recorder Pro, and Rotation Controller Pro are available for Free.

In fact, Google didn’t make an Announcement but did post a Support Page for Developers with details on how to go about making a paid app free temporarily.

Step Download Paid Apps for free from Google Play Store:

Enjoy Premium Apps for Free for a Limited Time. Hurry Up!! Download Now before the Offer Ends.

Here are all Premium Paid Apps for free you can Download and Enjoy for Free!!

1. App Lock – Quick AppLock Pro worth Rs 130

quick app lock pro

Quick AppLock Pro – Quick App Locks Apps by Displaying the Lock Screen whenever a Locked App is Launched.

Those Who do not know your Unlocking Pattern will be unable to launch Locked Apps.

2. Auto Optimizer worth Rs 100

auto optimizer

Auto Optimizer – Optimize our device to keep it functional!! Simple, Easy to use, highly effective, faster processing speed!

Optimize instantly with just a tap on the home button.

Achieve a smooth Experience on your device.

Display Memory and the Battery Info with  Usage on the Status Bar or Overlay.

3. Blue Light Filter Pro worth Rs 100

blue light filter pro

Many of us Suffer from Blue Light from the Mobile Phones. Use Blue Light Filter Pro – An app that reduces the amount of blue light emitted by overlaying a translucent filter to your Display.

It keeps the Eyes free from the affecting light by reducing the amount of blue light that reaches them and helps users achieve comfortable sleep.

4. Screenshot Pro worth Rs 50

screenshot pro

This App Offers High-Speed Screen Shot Feature without any Dealy, Optimal for Consecutive Captures.

A screen capture app optimized for taking consecutive screen shots and capturing multiple moments in quick succession from video playbacks on YouTube, Facebook Live Video, Facebook Video, etc.

5. Call Recorder Pro worth Rs 100

call recorder pro

Call Recorder Pro Detects all the Incoming and Outgoing Calls and Records them Automatically.

This App comes into very handy for some users.

With the audio source check function, only audio sources that are compatible with your device are displayed and automatically selected.

6. Clipboard Pro worth Rs 60

clipboard pro

Very Light Designed to be more Practical and Easy to Use Comparatively.

Just Copy the Text or Image and Paste in the Overlay Display.

Convenient Clipboard App with Overlay Display Feature.

7. Voice Recorder Pro worth Rs 150

voice recorder pro

Voice Recorder Pro is an Easy-to-Use Voice Recorder that is packed with all the convenient features.

It’s Perfect for Recording Voices in Meetings or Making Voice Memos.

In fact it Sports with a Simple Light Design with all the Required Features.

8. Rotation Control Pro worth Rs 100

rotation control pro

This App Can force a Particular Rotation on the Apps with fixed screen orientation.

A Very Simple Design with functions that are easy to understand and use is the another key point for this app.

9. Magic Swipe Plus worth Rs 150

magic swipe plus

The Magic Swipe Plus is a Multi – Utility app to make your device more useful.

In Other Words – Features Include a Booster, a useful Clipboard, in addition to a high-speed screen capture with instant capture function.

Magic Swipe Plus makes devices more useful by maintaining their most efficient state.

All Features can be Accessed by swiping from the bottom left or right corner of the screen.

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