Get Ambient Display Feature on Any Android Phone (Without Root)

Ambient Display on Any Android Phone

Get Ambient Display Feature on any Android Phone. Phone Root is Not Required.

What is “Ambient Display”?

Ambient Display is Designed to Give a Lot of Information to the User just in a Few Words. In Android, these type of Display shows the Important Notification to the Users.

They come Really Handy and are one of the must-have Features for Android Smartphones.

You can look at your Notifications without Unlocking your Phone. Whenever you Receive a New Notification, your Phone’s Display will Automatically Turn On and you can View your Notifications without Unlocking your Smartphone Every Single Time.

So, Follow these Steps Below to Get this Ambient Display on any Smartphone running on Android. Let’s Get Started!! 🙂

Steps to Enable Ambient Display Feature:

1. Download and Install AcDisplay App from the Play Store

2. Launch the App and Click on “TURN ON BUTTON“,

3. A Popup will Appear asking for 2 Permissions.

4. Grant the One-by-One by Clicking on “Accept”.

5. Click on “TURN ON BUTTON“.

6. That’s It. Whenever you Receive a Notification, you can see the Notification from the App without Unlocking your Phone.

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