3 Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Adsense

Make Money on Youtube Without Adsense

Youtube Without Adsense – Making videos on YouTube is so Easy and can be Easily Done by Perfect Executing. But Unfortunately, many Youtube Creators who are Beginners believe that if they make Quality Videos, and Allow Ads to Run on their Videos, they can Earn by Sitting at Home. However, many of those creators Realize that YouTube is not a Sustainable Income Source for them. In Fact, You can Estimate that Youtube Pays a Dollar (1$) for Every Thousand Views.

Why does YouTube Pay so Little to its Amazing Creators? First of all, Let’s Remember that YouTube’s Platform doesn’t have any Responsibility to Pay its Creators. Also, Keep in Mind that there are Many Other hands that the Money from Advertisers goes Before it Gets to you. It starts with the consumers, who pay the advertiser, who then pays YouTube, who finally pays the creator. By the end, there isn’t much money left over. So, what can creators do to quickly use YouTube to create a sustainable income?

All this Process starts with Consumers with the Money, who Pays the Advertiser, then the Advertiser Pays YouTube, who finally Pays to the Creator (You). By the End, when it is your Turn there isn’t much Money Left Over. This is Why Youtube is Considered to be Sustainable Income Source.

If you are Looking to Make Money on Youtube without Adsense then Here are 3 Ways to Make Money on Youtube without Adsense.

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Selling your Own Products

3. Consulting

Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing is one of the Most Popular Methods of Making Money on YouTube without Adsense or with Adsense.

In Affiliate Marketing you Sell Other People’s Products and take a Commission for Each Sale or Service you sell through a Special Affiliate URL that is Linked to your Account. While so many companies have affiliate programs for which you can make a commission, one of the most simple, and most popular, programs is

While there are So Many Companies who have their Affiliate Programs. But one of the most Simple, and Most Popular, Programs is Amazon’s Associates Program, in which the Commission starts at 4%

All you have to do is Sign Up for Amazon’s Associates Program.

Highlighting a Product that you Love, and tell the Audience to Click on your Affiliate in the description. If they are Interested, and Buy the Product then you will be Paid in Percentage based on Price of the Product.

Selling your Own Products

Affiliate Programs such as Amazon, etc will Give us a Larger Percentage of Sales, but low Money based on the Price of the Product you Advertise & Sell. But what If we Want to make 100 Percent of the Revenue?

In Order to Do this, You Need to Sell your Own Products.

For Example, Let’s Say you Create an Online App Developing Program that you sell for $25.

Advertise your Course (or) You Give a Demo Session Effectively that Viewers Might Want to Buy your Course.

At 1,000 Views on your Video, YouTube AdSense will Pay you about $1, But if you, Only able to Convince 0.5 Percent of your Audience to Purchase your App Developing Course (Say 5 of the Audience), you will make a Total of $250 in Revenue from your Own Product.

Therefore, you Can Earn Money more than Adsense on Youtube without Depending on Adsense Earnings.


Ultimately, the Fastest way to make Money on YouTube is to Give Value of Some Best Kind.

Uploading Videos on youtube and Hoping for the Best is not Enough. After Gradually Attracting Audience from your Targeted Audience, Periodically Pitch your Consulting Services for your Viewers to Receive Even More Value than what they are Already Receiving.

Your Goal should make your Audience think, If I’m Getting this Amount of Value from Free Videos on YouTube, Imagine the Amount of Value I’d Receive from a Paid One-on-One Consulting Service.

In My Experience, Many of the Creators who Get Started on YouTube Believe that they just need to Upload Videos to YouTube on Daily Basis, Turn Ads on their Videos & Relax.

But, this is Only True if you are looking to Make a Non-Sustainable Passive Income from your Videos on Youtube. If you are Looking to Grow a Brand or a Business Online, be Sure to Provide Value and Sprinkle in these Other Income Streams.

So Finally, these are the 3 Ways to Make Money on Youtube Without Adsense. Get Paid the Most for your Creativity than What the Adsense Pays. Hope you Like this Article.

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